Breaking Benjamin make their music game debut next week alongside five tunes from Alice in Chains and a few from Just Kait and Kula Shaker.

All songs, thankfully, are master recordings and will be available next Tuesday for Xbox 360 and Wii gamers, and Thursday for the PS3-faithful.

Additionally, the Rock Band Unplugged store adds two more tunes from the Foo Fighters to it’s growing library.

Here’s the full list. You know the drill, every song is $2, excepted where noted *

Tracks for Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii.

“¢ Alice in Chains “" “A Looking in View”
“¢ Alice in Chains “" “Check My Brain”
“¢ Alice in Chains “" “No Excuses”
“¢ Alice in Chains “" “Rooster”
“¢ Alice in Chains “" “Would?”
“¢ Breaking Benjamin “" “I Will Not Bow”
“¢ Breaking Benjamin “" “So Cold”
“¢ Breaking Benjamin “" “The Diary of Jane”
“¢ Just Kait “" “U Suck” *
“¢ Kula Shaker “" “Hey Dude”
“¢ Kula Shaker “" “Knight on the Town”

Rock Band Unplugged, available Oct. 1

“¢ Foo Fighters “" “Monkey Wrench”
“¢ Foo Fighters “" “Lonely As You”

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