Electronic Arts today announced that thei free-to-play third person shooter “Battlefield Heroes” has seen it’s userbase balloon to over 2 million players and is celebrating with an impeding “Heroes of the Fall” game update.

The new map, adorned in traditional autumn colors, will go live September 30, and is set in a village and is an infantry-based environment with bridges, canals, and multiple crossings perfectly fit for frenzied firefights.

“Along with this new map, “ËœHeroes of the Fall’ includes a slew of changes including upgrades of the Gunner class and improvements to the friends system,” said Ben Cousins, General Manager, Battlefield Heroes team. “We’ve also added a brand new ranking system for the game “" players can earn cool new titles for their heroes as they play “" showing everyone on the battlefield how dedicated they are.”

Additionally, EA are accepting your suggestions for what to call the map. Any ideas?

It’s the weekend you know, and if you’ve got time, the game is actually a lot of fun, and not very taxing on your machine.

Start the fun at the BattleField Heroes site.

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