Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2 gets closer and closer to our PS3’s, Xbox 360’s and PC’s with each passing day, but today we get an 8 minute glimpse into the game’s campaign, and we like what we see.

We have no idea where the video came from. Perhaps it’s viral marketing? Or maybe someone’s being beaten to a pulp in a backroom for leaking it. Either way, we’ve got it, via our friend Youtube.

Anyone wanting a virginal Modern Warfare 2 experience November 10 should NOT watch this video, but for the rest of you, here’s a glorious look into the MW2 world.

My favorite parts are killing dogs and the new blood soaked screen effect. What about you?

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    Not gonna lie….when he killed the dog the second time that was pretty funny. Whenever it said he got hurt and he needs to take cover it took him a lot longer to recover than in COD4. I have a feeling that gun might be the M16 of Cod4. I see they brought the M10 shotgun back. I like how he shot the guy in the leg to make him fall instead of killing him that was pretty awesome and the guy tackling the suspect out of the window onto the car was pretty B.A. too……..cant wait


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