For a few years, LucasArts has been receiving numerous requests for the SNES and Mega Drive game Zombies Ate My Neighbors to be added to the Virtual Console. The game focuses on a pair of teenagers attempting to rescue their neighbors from zombies, mummies, aliens, vampires, and numerous other movie monsters. The game has over 55 levels, a great soundtrack and is HIGHLY addictive. The weapons you can use range from squirt guns to flamethrowers (not to mention some crazy items like Pandora’s Box)! So be on the look out for the release on the Virtual Console. Nintendo updates the Virtual Console every Monday, so we’ll be sure to let you know the day it’s released in our Nintendo Download segment. Since LucasArts recently released their Super Star Wars series on the Virtual Console, Zombies Ate My Neighbors will most likely be the SNES version.

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