Bioware announced today that Inon Zur has composed the score for their‚ upcoming game Dragon Age: Origins. ‚ You may have never heard of the name Inon Zur, but if you have ever played Fallout 3, Crysis,‚ or Prince of Persia you have heard some of‚  his stunning musical compositions. “From the moment you hear the Dragon Age: Origins theme to the lilting ballad, I Am The One, at the end of the game, Inon’s score is hand in glove with the Dragon Age: Origins dark fantasy” said Simon Pressey, Audio Director for the game.

The entire‚ soundtrack‚  is a collaboration‚ of‚ composer Inon Zur, vocalist Aubrey Ashburn and BioWare Audio Director Simon Pressey. It will be available for purchase or as an online download from music sites when the game is released for the 360 and PC on November 3rd.

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