Left 4 Dead maker Valve today announced that “Crash Course,” an additional campaign for Left 4 Dead will go on sale next week for Xbox 360 and PC headshot-honchos.


The new campaign, available Sept. 29, will take place between the events of‚  “No Mercy” and “Death Toll” and will be free for PC gamers and $7/560 MS Points for the rest of you Xbox 360 zombie-annihilating‚  gunslingers.

Additionally, Valve are releasing a bona fide sequel, “Left 4 Dead 2” in a mere 7 weeks. Ooh la la. A great time to kill zombies!

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  1. Carnes

    This was on Google’s world news? Finally something relevant to my interests! Another campaign is fantastic. Myself and others always wondered what happened when the surivors got into the helicopter with an infected pilot during the NoMercy Finale (that’s IF the survivors made it). There was no crashed helicopter in DeathToll.


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