Xbox 360 owners with a Netflix account have been able to stream a sh*t ton of programming to their consoles exclusively for quite some time now, but according to the Netflix CEO, the Wii and PlayStation 3 markets are next.

Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO,‚  told Reuters “Eventually we want to be on all the game consoles, all the Blu-ray players, all the Internet TVs. So we are working in parallel with all of those efforts. Currently our Xbox deal is exclusive and we haven’t characterized it more than that.”

We’ve no idea how long the “exclusive” deal between Netflix and Microsoft will last, but when it’s up it looks like Wii and PS3 owners will finally enjoy the fantastic streaming service.

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  1. Fernando Boleto

    I think this will be an amazing idea, the Wii definitely is a family oriented console and getting the family together to watch a movie is a really good move. It’s funny who much people doubted the Wii before it was the best selling console in the Western Hemisphere, now all the companies are scrambling to get their brand name out there too. Nintendo’s various promotions are helping too, like this one I found for a free Wii! Check the link and the instructions to see how to get it!


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