Sony Online Entertainment released a game update for EverQuest II today dubbed “The Shards of Destiny”, giving gamers many reasons to venture back to Norrath.


The mysterious dissapearance of Erolissi Marr, the goddess of Love has cast a dark cloud over the world of Norrath and it’s up to y-o-u to travel to the Shard of Love and conquer all foes in your way.

Beyond the new storyline, “Shards of Destiny” adds an achievment system ( like WoW), as well as Chronomagic and housing additions.

Here’s Sony’s official description of the update:

  • Chronomagic: Down-tier your level to experience content you may have previously missed while you were leveling up
  • Enter the Shard of Love: For the first time ever, players will be able to explore the home of Erollisi Marr
  • All new 4x Dungeon: Test your skills in Miragul’s Planar Shard
  • Achievement System: Track and share your accomplishments with other players
  • Housing Addition: All houses will receive a new room where you can use your creativity and expand your collections

The update is now live, but here’s some screens to hold you over.




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