Notes leaked from an August 5 meeting between SEGA and Sony reveal Dreamcast games coming to the PSN, a release date for Sony’s motion controller, and the ability to download all PS2 games over the network.

According to the minutes, Sony has pegged Spring 2010, March specifically, as the release schedule for the company’s E3 2009 revealed motion controller.

Also mentioned was a “PS2 emulator for PS3” which goes on to claim “SCEA wants to sell all PS2 titles on PSN.”

But where we get truly and fully excited is over the mentioning of bringing DreamCast games to the PSN, as downloadable items. If that were to happen, well, Marc, our fearless leader, would squeal..just a little bit.

Read the full story, and examine the exact notes, at

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  2. John

    Heck yah!!!!!!! Finally I will be able to play resident evil 4 on the ps3 because I sold my ps3 thinking the ps3 can play ps2 games, so now I will not have to buy one on amazon for $689


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