ESRB President Patricia Vance recently revealed an interactive ratings guide coming exclusivley to the PSPgo, Sony’s latest, slimmest, and sexiest portable gaming machine.

The PSPgo, due out October 1, will house the built-in guide and just like its online and print counterpart, will display all pertinent ratings information on the latest games.


The guide, as quoted by the ESRB President, contains a “straight-forward and thorough overview of the ESRB rating system as well as a step-by-step walkthrough of the device’s parental control features and settings.”

A great idea yes, but how often you think a parent will use this tool? Or will they even know it exists?

PlayStation Gives Parents Ratings Guide On The Go @ PlayStation Blog.

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  1. Edward

    My question is will the pspgo hurt you’re eyes?
    The reason why I ask this question is because
    the older psp3000 hurt my eyes when I look at the
    scen to much. So can you guys improve on that problem.


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