Alright everybody, it’s Monday so you know what that means: Nintendo Download Time! There were only five games released this week, so let’s see what they’re all about.

Two games were released via WiiWare: You Me, and the Cubes and Family Tennis.

You, Me and the Cubes is a physics based action puzzle game. You play as humanoid Fallos, creatures that can balance on a playing field of cubes. If you place them in the right position, they survive and make it into the next level. If their weight or locations are off, the Fallos will fall off. To add the gameplay, different cubes have different properties so gamers are going to need to be ready for surprises.

Family Tennis seems to be a run of the mill Tennis game. If you’re tired of Wii Sports Tennis, this seems to be a variation of it. I’m a big fan of Wii Tennis so I see this as a separately developed expansion. You play as members of a family playing tennis for fun. ‚ There are three levels of competition for variation and you’re allowed to play up to three other players.

Last Ninja 2 from the Commodore 64 was released on the Virtual Console. Evil Shogun Kunitoki has gathered all his mystic powers to take over 1988 Manhattan. You play as Armakuni, a ninja mysteriously transported into the future to stop Kunitoki and save the world. Anyone feeling nostalgic will probably want to purchase this game. I’ve never played Last Ninja 2, but the concept sounds interesting enough for a quick run through.

Finally, two games were released for Nintendo DSiWare. Clubhouse Games Express: Strategy Pack is a DSi pack which has Backgammon, Field Tactics, Turncoat, Connect 5 and Grid Attack. This seems like a game for long road trips and with the ability to play with up to 7 kids, it’ll probably be very entertaining for little kids. MySims Camera isn’t really a game as much as it is a camera application. It allows you to take pictures and then put 3D MySims characters into the photos which can be moved or animated. You can also edit the photos with the stylus and then share it with friends.

That’s all for this week’s Nintendo Download. Let us know what you think below in the comments.

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