If you’re struggling with an attempt at soul searching, why not distract yourself? If you’ve always wanted to be a hero, ijji.com has started a game to let you live out your desire. Soul of the Ultimate Nation’s first open beta test for the MMORPGhas begun. To celebrate, ijji.com is hosting two contests. The winner of the “Long Road To Glory” event will receive an Alienware Prize Package. That will include an Alienware Area-51‚® X58, Alienware OptX¢â€ž¢ Monitor, Alienware TactX¢â€ž¢ Keyboard, Alienware TactX¢â€ž¢ Mouse and Alienware TactX¢â€ž¢ Headset. The three winners of the “Path To Achievement” contest will receive a 24 inch Asus monitor along with other prizes. These contests are for those who are familiar with ijji.com but also for new users. The deadline for contest is October 5th, so check out ijji.com’s contest site for more information.

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