Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch are more than capable of handling great portable games. With the rise of the App store and the massive influx of games rushing to the service, we’re left questioning; which ones are the most popular?

Apple recently launched a “top grossing” list for the App store and with it comes our examination of the games department.

These are your top-10 highest grossing App store games for the week with developer in parentheses.

1. Madden NFL ’10 $9.99 (Electronic Arts)

2. Modern Combat Sandstorm‚  $6.99 (GameLoft)

3. Uno $4.99 (GameLoft)

4. Scrabble $4.99 (Electronic Arts)

5. Tetris $4.99 (Electronic Arts)

6. The Sims 3 $6.99 (Electronic Arts)

7. Bejeweled 2 $2.99 (PopCap Games)

8. Need For Speed Undercover $4.99 (Electronic Arts)

9. Dexter: The Game $5.99 (Marc Ecko Entertainment)

10. Frogger $.99 (Konami Digital Entertainment)

Anything stand out? Besides EA owning 5 of the 10?

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