Taylor Swift has – quite understandably – had enough.

According to the Actress Archives, told MJ of Tampa Bay‚  radio station 93.3 FLZ’s “MJ Morning Show,” “You know, honestly, I’m trying not to make it into a bigger deal than it already is. It’s kind of become more of a bigger deal than I thought it would be. I would just like to move on a little bit… I didn’t know what to think but I think we should talk about something else. It’s nothing I feel like we should talk about.”

When MJ pressed on, he suddenly found himself talking to Taylor’s rep instead.

She has endlessly thanked friends, family and other celebs for their support all week – it’s no wonder she’s tired.

“Well, you know I think that the outpouring of love is what I focus on about that whole thing, and getting flowers from Janet Jackson is something that I never thought would happen in my whole life,” she told MJ. “Just everybody being supportive and showing love, it was really nice [to know] people I didn’t even think knew who I was were out there having my back and being really very kind to me.”

And, like a good country girl, she still hasn’t publicy bashed Kanye. More power to her.

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