emmy_statue-797829For some reason, I get into the Emmys. I think it’s because I equate watching my favorite TV shows to watching my favorite sport teams. Let me explain.

For an entire TV season, you get into your TV show, get to know every character, watch every episode all while immersing yourself into the plot. Just like how every (football, baseball, basketball, pick one) pro sport season, you become immersed with your team and its players.

Then if someone dares to challenge the entertainment value of your show, or even has the nerve to say another show is better, you turn into a raving lunatic in its defense. With sports, it’s the same thing. I’m not sure who I’ve defended more this past decade: Tom Brady or Dr. Frasier Crane.

The Emmys are the Superbowl of your TV season (if your show is lucky to make it). A year’s worth of hard work comes down to a three hour show surrounded by much fanfare. In a way, it’s actually kind of exciting. Then once your show loses/wins, you complain/celebrate, and just like with sports, you move on.

So without further ado — here are Blast’s 2009 major category Emmy Predictions:

Outstanding Drama Series

Should Win: Mad Men or Breaking Bad, either would suffice

Could Win: Breaking Bad

Will Win: Mad Men

How in the hell does Big Love get nominated? If I wanted to watch a bunch of Mormons marry each other and flirt with incest, I would’ve moved to Utah ages ago. The only show I see with a slight chance of upsetting Mad Men is Breaking Bad. Also, I know you people love Lost (it’s very popular from what I’ve heard), but I don’t see that happening.

Outstanding Comedy Series

Should Win: The Office

Could Win: Nothing “" it’ll be 30 Rock

Will Win: 30 Rock

Family Guy’s inclusion was relatively puzzling. If you’re going to give an animated sitcom an honorary nomination (which is what it is), why not pick The Simpsons or South Park? Or did Stewie get to them too? Anyway, the only thing surer than a 30 Rock victory is it getting beat in the ratings by Dancing with America’s Next Top Chef, or whatever Fox is putting on these days Thursday nights at 9:30.

Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series

Should Win: Hugh Laurie, House M.D.

Could Win: Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad

Will Win: Hugh Laurie, House M.D.

Hugh is getting a lot of buzz and rightfully so. Four straight years of nominations and nothing? PEOPLE. HE’S FROM ENGLAND AND GREGORY HOUSE IS FROM AMERICA. Alright, sorry but I think that’s kind of impressive. But then again the dad from Malcolm in the Middle playing a meth dealing, crime addict is pretty impressive too. I think Hugh gets his due, but with this category there’s always a surprise. I mean Simon Baker could win this thing on his smile alone.

Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series

Should Win: Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory

Could Win: Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock

Will Win: Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory

I have to admit, I’m extremely bias when it comes to this category. The Big Bang Theory is my favorite thing on TV right now (other than repeats of The Three Stooges). That being said, bias aside I still think he’s the best in this category. If you haven’t seen the show, I recommend it for Parsons alone. However, do not be shocked to see the Emmy voters go for the familiar in Baldwin. Steve Carrell has an outside shot. The other three guys have as much of a shot as the original three stooges themselves.

Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series

Should Win: Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men

Could Win: Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer

Will Win: Glenn Close, Damages

Again I’ll admit, my should win is purely out of bias (but then again isn’t that what we always do with predictions?). I love Elisabeth Moss’ role of Peggy Olsen, it’s a complex, subtle character with underlying emotions. Glenn Close is a heavy favorite to repeat here. She would be a deserving winner, even though I’d like to see some fresh blood in there. Even though the Closer yearn for the days of My Own Worst Enemy, Kyra Sedgwick has an outside possibility.

Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series

Should Win: Tina Fey, 30 Rock

Could Win: Toni Collette, United States of Tara

Will Win: Tina Fey, 30 Rock

I’m sensing a strong likelihood of another Tina Fey triple (Comedy Series, Comedy Actress and Comedy Writing). While I do think Ms. Fey is really funny, I hope she doesn’t turn into a Jeremy Piven or something and win every year. Toni Collette and Christina Applegate are really good in much more challenging roles. I mean, Tina Fey is essentially playing an exaggerated version of herself. That being said, I think she deserves the nod.

The remains

For the smaller categories, I’m predicting Neil Patrick Harris, Kristin Wiig, Michael Emerson, Chandra Wilson, The Amazing Race and who the hell cares about Reality Host? Oh and I predict Harris will be 800 times funnier and more clever than last year’s host quintet of Reality Show Hosts.

Enjoy the Emmys! Leave your own predictions in the comments section below!

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