The FPS/MMO hybrid, Fallen Earth, is set to hit physical shelves and digital warehouses this coming Tuesday, but if you want to play right now, look no further than digital download powerhouse Steam.


The digital video game purveyor is now accepting pre-purchases on the title and those who do so will earn access to the game right today, no waiting necessary.

“We are excited to bring Fallen Earth to Steam’s thriving community of subscribers,” said Jessica Orr, product manager for Fallen Earth. “The Steam partnership gives our fans more choices and flexibility for purchase.”

What’s more, if you do throw down the $50 to pre-purchase the game, you’ll earn an in-game Steam t-shirt good enabling you+5 bonus to the Scavenging, Nature and Geology skills helpful when harvesting materials as well as 10+ bonus to the Social skill, enabling your character to get minor discounts from merchants.

We’ve played Fallen Earth and more than enjoyed our time in the post-apocalyptic world, and for anyone already sold, why not pick up these extras?

Pre-Purchase Fallen Earth on Steam

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