HGTV was number one last night among all cable channels with women and “upscale adults” when “Design Star” came on and just wiped the floor with everyone else.

parks_and_recreation-showWe have a humongous night of television planned, with a crap-load of premieres including “Bones” on FOX at 8 and “Fringe” at 9. CBS starts “Survivor: Samoa: at 8 p.m., and the first NBC Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday edition is at 8. Also on NBC, Amy Poehler’s new show “Parks & Recreation” starts at 8:30. Poehler was on “The View” yesterday talking about her baby — little rugrat’s already about a year old — and plugging the show.

Oh, and then a little show called “The Office” has its season premiere at 9. No biggie.

NBC rounds Thursday off with “Community” at 9:30.

FX will start a new season of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” tonight at 10, and they’re offering a sneak peak at “Archer” at 10:30.

We also learned today that National Geographic Channel will launch a sixth season of “Dog Whisperer” with Cesar Millan on October 9 at 9 p.m. The first episode details how to properly raise a puppy in an episode called “How to Raise the Perfect Dog.” There will be 30 new episodes this season, including “celebrity dogs.”

In other news MTV continues to not do anything involving music. They recently signed on for a show called “Warren the Ape,” combining celebrities and puppets set in a fictional reality show. Look out Emmy voters — this one’s coming sometime in 2010.

Finally on this cloudy Thursday here in Boston, pay attention to Ron Howard over the next few months. FOX recently gave him the nod for a new comedy show set inside an IRS district office. FOX ok’d a pilot, and it looks like Brent Forrester, the writer and director of “The Office” will be writing the script. This could be big.

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  1. Eddie Makuch

    The Office tonight was pretty much awesome. Andy questioning his sexual orientation was grrrreat. Plus Pam’s pregnancy is out in the open and the whole Stanley thing was odd, but it’s over so can’t complain. Looking forward to next week but wish tonight’s ended with a better cliff hanger.


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