Today we have a few new screenshots for you, straight from Blobolonia. While the game looks excellent in motion–think something like Wario’s outing on Wii, except much, much cuter–the stills have plenty going for them as well.

A Boy and His Blob is adorable, there’s no way around that fact. It’s hard to imagine how the franchise went straight from this to what you see below, but that’s what happens when there aren’t any entries in a series for two decades.

These screens highlight some of the different environments the game’s 40 levels will take place in, as well as a few different shapes and forms you will get to use the titular Blob in. My personal favorite is the Blob Trampoline (Bloboline?) at night in front of a full moon; I kind of wish we had a video of that happening instead of just a screen.

We’ll have more information on A Boy and His Blob for you soon, courtesy of Wayforward. Check back for that and more assets as next month’s launch approaches.

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