If you’ve missed out on the whole Spore Creature Creator phenomenon, now you really have zero excuse to not try it out.

Electronic Arts and Maxis today unleashed the Spore Creature 2D, a web-based Flash program allowing imaginative minds to create a 2-D creature and share it with the world.

The 2-D Creature Creator makes use of over 250 body parts including antlers, wings, limbs, eyes, feet, and heads. Really, you can make anything you want. Give him a couple of heads and too many eyes, it’s your creature!

The best part? When you’re finished playing God you can use your little dude in a cute little mini-game and then share your freak-of-nature with the world via e-card. If you’ve stumbled on this story in the heat of a workday, prepare to do nothing but create all afternoon, as this app is extremely addictive.

Head to Spore2D.com to start

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