lpcv_300dpiMoog’s Little Phatty synthesizer just got better. Announced September 15, the Little Phatty Stage Two and Tribute Editions now come with a new Control Voltage Output Modification. The new modification allows musicians to control Moogerfooger Effects Processors and other analog gear with the voltage outputs generated by the Little Phatty synthesizer.

The Control Voltage Output Modification adds five 1/4′” analog Control Voltage outputs to the right side panel of the Little Phatty. This limits the possible applications only by the imagination of the user.

“Use MIDI Clock Sync to synchronize the Little Phatty’s arpeggiator to a drum track, and the Pitch CV output becomes an incredible production tool.” said Chris Stack, Moog Music Marketing Manager. “You can route it to a wide variety of Moogerfooger parameters to create a universe of tempo-synced analog effects, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

The Control Voltage Output Modification is available from Moog for $199.99 as a factory upgrade.

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