Last night, Kanye West was due to perform on the very first Jay Leno show, along with Rihanna and Jay-Z. But in the wake of his major dis on Taylor Swift, viewers got a little extra.

Leno announced that Kanye requested some time to talk before the performance, and out he came looking abnormally humble.‚  What followed was extremely uncomfortable to watch.

First, there was the admission of guilt:‚  “I immediately new in this situation that it was wrong…it was actually someone’s emotions that I stepped on…it was rude, period.”

Then, it got truly painful. Leno asked Kanye what the late Mama West would think if she had seen the spectacle he made. Kanye was speechless and covered his face. After what felt like an eternity of silence and an awkward moment in which Leno put his hand on Kanye’s leg, Leno pushed forward.

“Would she be disappointed in this?”

Seemingly choking back tears, Kanye conceded that he would have disapointed his mother.

Wow. Sure, Kanye behaved like an idiot and hurt a 19-year-old girl’s feelings – but having to admit his dead mother would be disapointed on national television? Hopefully he’s learned his lesson, because that’s pretty damn rough.

Incidentally, the following performance was a spectacular collaboration of hip-hop titans.

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