archie28lf_new_43582gm-aComic book fans all over the world are looking forward to September 16 when they will get to read the next issue of Archie comics in which, after a 50-year courtship, Archie and Veronica get married.

“When I first pitched this project to Archie Comics,” said Michael E. Uslan, executive producer of the Batman film franchise and writer of the Archie comic book wedding,”I wanted to write a story that updated the characters somewhat, but still retained the sense of fun that has always embodied Archie comics.”

The long-awaited engagement caused some controversy in the comic book world last year. Some would have preferred to see Archie marry fan favorite and the girl next door, Betty.

Alas, Uslan is confident that the fans will be satisfied.

“I’m sure that people have a lot of questions about the choice that Archie made,” Uslan said, “and all I can do is tell them to pick up the comic. I guarantee that this story is not finished, and there are still some surprises left in the story to come.”

Archie comic #601 arrives in comic book stores September 16 and hits newsstands and bookstores a week later.

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  1. Jake

    I am reading #2,3 and 4 number four is really good.Number 1 and 2 archie is in
    a lane where it is a future and he maries veronica but number three and four he comes back from the future and it is grad time and they have a grad party
    then he proposes to betty but he is not in the future!

    Have A Good Time Reading It!



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