The ESRB, or Entertainment Software Ratings Board is terrible at keeping secrets. They’re latest reveal? How does Castlevania the Advenutre Rebirth sound? Perfect, because that’s what the board let loose today alongside a T for Teen rating and its availability for Nintendo’s Wii via the WiiWare service.

We can’t say this is a total surprise, as Gradius ReBirth and Contra Rebirth showed up on WiiWare already this year, but we’re happy nonetheless.

The ESRB, as it so often does, describes a particular game in one long, drawn out sentence, and usually is quite funny. Have a look.

“This is a side-scrolling action game in which players battle against monsters in Dracula’s castle. Players use a chained whip to fight their way through halls and dungeons filled with zombies, skeletons, flying eyeballs, and bats. The enemy creatures frequently shoot projectiles and attack players in hand-to-hand combat. If players sustain too much damage, they keel over and emit a burst of red blood. Some rooms in the castle also have spikes or spears stained with red, blood-like splotches.”

Hopefully the game isn’t as heinously difficult as the original, otherwise we might lose it, like we did years ago!

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