That’s right, this December Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady are expecting what is likely to be the most attractive and talented baby ever.

After considerable speculation by, well, everyone, Brady finally made the announcement. According to the Boston Herald, he ‘fessed up to ESPN, joking that his supermodel wife would have to keep that baby inside on game days. “I told her . . . no Sundays,” he said.

Patriots fans will surely be worrying this season. Brady already has a two-year-old son and a recovering knee on his plate; now he’ll (rightfully) have a pregnant wife to take care of.

So what does the QB think about the challenge?

“Well, it couldn’t be harder than this training camp, so I’ll be prepared,” Brady told ESPN. “The women are the ones who have to do the work, we just have to be there and support them, so it’ll be nice to do that.”

You can check out the full interview Sunday and Monday on SportsCenter.

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