shadewagon_unfoldedFall is here in New England, right on queue, which means only one thing: it’s time for football. Most of us will have to resign to watching the Pats from our flat-screens, but for the lucky few with tickets to Gillette, tailgating is a right of passage. Of course, there’s a right way and a wrong to go about tailgating, as many a back injury can attest to. That’s why there’s the Shade Wagon.

The shade wagon is a high-capacity wagon capable of carrying two full coolers on either side of a storage console that also mounts an umbrella. The wagon comes with a cooler and two seats, with a capacity for twice that, plus a volcano grill. The umbrella also anchors the wagon to keep it from rolling away. Fold down a side on the Shade Wagon, and nylon straps hold it level, forming a table. When the nylon straps aren’t holding the side up, they can be used to carry folding chairs.

Unlatch them, and then you have two bench seats. No tailgating party would be complete without music, and the Shade Wagon comes built in with a battery operated Altec Lansing speaker to plug your iPod into.

While marketed as a tailgating tool, it would be just as appropriate at the beach, picnic, or any outdoor event. Fire up the grills and pass us a hot dog.

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