The EcoAquarium is a real-life display of biology and self-sustained aquatic life in action. In each aquarium there are two African Dwarf Frogs. And no, they can’t breed because you’ll you get two males or two females, so don’t get any ideas. Along with the two frogs, the aquarium comes a bamboo plant, living and decorative rocks, and two snails.

The Chinese Lucky Bamboo undergoes photosynthesis and oxygenates the water. This particular bamboo was chosen because it’s extremely low maintenance. As long at is has light and water, it’ll stay alive. The “living rock gravel” at the bottom is specially treated and conditioned with algae, which clean and filer the water. The snails clean the aquarium surfaces and feed on the algae, keeping its growth in check. While the decorative rocks don’t play a vital role in the self-sustainability of the aquarium, it gives the frogs something to play with and hide behind and is aesthetically pleasing.

The only outside maintenance required is just to feed the frogs two pellets each, twice a week and twice yearly cleanings. All of the parts of the aquarium keep the ecosystem in balance. With such a perfect environment for the frogs, some have reported that they have lived for as long as 6 years!

A company based in Myrtle Beach, S.C. called Wild Creations has perfected these self-sustaining aquariums. The aquriums are sold at stores like Brookstone, however we recommend dealing directly with Wild Creationsfor more information or for orders. Prcing starts at $19.99. And while we’re sure the Brookstone employees take great pride in their knowledge of the vibrating recliners and other electronic gadgets, they’re not biologists, and probably wouldn’t be much help with an enclosed ecosystem. Service employees are very available by phone and email.

If frogs aren’t your cup of tea, EcoAquariums with fish are also available, for a more traditional product. We’ve been very happy with our EcoAquarium, and it’s become a great addition to our desk! They’re perfect for anyone into science, or even if you just need a friend to talk to now and then. We won’t tell.

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