Electronic Arts today nailed down solid details regarding The Sims 3’s first expansion “World Adventures,” and among the juicy bits, are some freaky factoids.

In the expansion you can take your Sim to Egypt where it’ll be attacked by a Mummy and unless you’ve mastered martial arts (in the game), the beast will either knock you out or vex you with a curse. If cursed all isn’t lost though. A quick run to the Sphinx and lots of pleading before it, and you should be saved. Otherwise? You’re a gonner!


Now for the fun part. When you spend a night in a dark and ominous cursed sarcophagus your Sim will take on a Mummy’s capabilities. What does that mean? You’ll live longer, your energy won’t wane, and most interestingly, you’ll never have to relieve yourself! The only detraction is that you’ll move slower and will be more prone to catching fire, but hey, that’s a risk I’d be willing to take!

The Sims 3 World Adventures hits retail November 17 for PC and MAC

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    • Billybob

      If you find all the fragments of the sarcophacus, set it up in your home. Now either sleep in the sarcophacus, or put those four jars from the jar collection in there by clicking “summon mummy”.

      If you sleep in the sarcophacus you have a chance to be mummified when you wake up, or if you summon a mummy, an additional mummy joins your family (and they are friendly- they wont curse you like the other mummies).

      By the way, if you have a sim with the “Adventuous” trait in your family, one of the sims wishes will be to fight the mummy (:P).


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