Electronic Arts today released demos for NBA Live ’10 and FIFA ’10 on Xbox Live for sports games enthusiasts to try their hand at before they make that $60 decision.

The NBA Live ’10 demo lets gamers play as either the Orlando Magic or the Los Angeles Lakers in a 2008 NBA Finals rematch of sorts. As for this year’s game refinements? An overall graphical overhaul via arena specific lighting, crowd behaviors, and signature pre-game rituals (Lebron’s chalk thing) are the noted updates. And as you’d probably guess, EA claims this year to be the “most authentic basketball simulation experience in a videogame to date.”

The FIFA ’10 demo, which will undoubtedly be downloaded exactly 1 gajillion times more anywhere not named the United States, highlights the knowledge EA learned from the over 275 million games played online in ’09 by adding significant refinements including 360 degree dribbling, refined goalkeeper AI, jostling, and more physical play.

Start your FIFA ’10 demo download here and your NBA Live ’10 demo right over here.

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