Blast caught up with all that is going on with Caroline D’Amore. She’s an actress, model, clothing designer and DJ. She’s staring in “Sorority Row,” which Blast screened this week for some lucky winners.

Be on the lookout for her new film and her swimwear line on the catwalk.

Blast: First we’d like to talk about your new film, “Sorority Row.” Have you worked with the horror genre before?

Caroline D’Amore: No, I did a really low budget indie horror film where I played a ghost but I’ve always been a really big horror film fanatic. This is my first big horror film so I’m really excited about it.

Blast: I recently saw on another interview that you mentioned that “Sorority Row” has elements from films such as “Mean Girls” and “Scream,” can you explain that a bit more?

CD: Yeah, honestly it’s the dry sense of humor that all these young girls have.

I feel like this people will have low expectations for this movie, but the witty dry sense of humor is so right on and funny throughout the whole thing. Without the horror, it’s a comedy, without the comedy it’s a horror film. So it’s one of the better horror films. Dry and hysterical but really scary at the same time.

Blast: Do you think you’ll do more horror movies in the future, or what genre would you like to explore more?

CD: Absolutely. Maybe not the same type but I’d love to do more-whether working, writing or..I’d just like to be involved. I love horror movies-they’re never going to win an Oscar but it’s a fun time shooting, so I’m game! And everybody loves horror films, there’s a big market for them.

Blast: I’m also interested in your DJ career-how did you get into music?

CD: Honestly, I’ve always been obsessed with DJing and DJ AM kind of showed me everything. I was always watching him and thinking he was the coolest guy in the world-I still do. And I’d annoy him — ‘whats that? what are you doing there?’ And I took a job. A guy asked for a female DJ, and I told him I was, but then I thought, ‘Oh no! What did I do?’ So I asked DJ AM, and he helped.

After that I got asked to do another show, and it kind of blew up from there. I’ve been all over the world — Egypt, I did the Olympics, and then I did the MTV awards in Japan. I DJ’ed with and somebody in Japan came up to me that night and asked to sign me!

(Check out the track “Love Like This One,” and her new album “J-Girls’ Celebrity Mix” on Sony)

It’s been the most amazing trippy experience ever, I never thought that is where my career would go. If I had to have a career anywhere else, Japan would be the place. It’s been a wild ride and it’s so fun, and I’m actually getting offers from really great artists to remix their stuff.

Blast: So knowing about music and rhythm must be helpful when doing fashion shows, right? How does those two aspects of your life connect?

CD: Everything is slowly connecting, it’s the weirdest thing! It’s all kind of coming together. I think my future, end goal in life would probably be just to have my own production company, make my own movies and put music to it that I like. Something where I can combine all of my talents. I’m on a good path right now.

Blast: And you have a fashion line?

CD: A swimwear line called D’Amore by Marceau and we’ve done Smashbox and Miami Fashion Week, all that.

It’s on the Dash website and featured on Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami. We used their Dash models, and it was pretty cool. Seven hundred people got turned away at the door; it was packed!

Blast: Is there a specific trend in fashion right now that you really love? Or is there a trend you don’t like for that matter?

CD: Yeah, I kind of don’t always go with the trend. I really (don’t like) the little headbands that are in right now. I kind of like cool vintage rocker shirts, I love the look of looking like you raided your boyfriends closet. It’s always cute.

Blast: Anything else you’d like to add?

CD: I just want everybody to see Sorority Row and enjoy!

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