Mad Catz and Capcom came together today and revealed the “Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Tournament Edition Fight Stick,” and oh boy does it look purrdy.

Due out “sometime” this fall, for an to-be-determined price point, the Tournament Edition Fight Stick is likely to become and instant collectors item for Comic book fans and gamers alike, as the hunk of plastic is decorated with never-before released artwork from the game.


“Capcom has demonstrated that by working in close collaboration with Mad Catz, we are able to produce fighting controllers which deliver the level of performance and authenticity that our fans demand,” said Christian Svensson, vice president business development & strategic planning at Capcom Entertainment, Inc. “We’re delighted to further our relationship and continue the evolution of this range to encapsulate the Marvel VS Capcom franchise and look forward to the fans reaction upon release.”

Somehow I’ve never felt the pull of these items, beyond their clear aesthetic value at least, but if this item is already a must-have, by all means, enjoy!

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 is available on Xbox Live and The PlayStation Network right now, go get it.

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