Late yesterday, a sneak peak of the sequel to Okami, Okamiden, was released on youtube. The sequel will be released on the Nintendo DS and, from the looks of it, will appease the old fans while also appealing to new ones. The clip itself is under a minute long, but what it shows is visually appealing. I’ve never played the original Okami, but the clip of Okamiden has piqued my interest a lot. The cute wolf, which players fight along side and ride on, is one of the highlights of the clip. The world presented is given an ancient, almost classic look and definitely looks like it won’t be your run-of-the-mill DS game–you have to love how good cel-shading makes things look.‚ 

You also get a small sample of how the stylus will work as the celestial brush, as our diminutive hero uses it in battle against a few enemies. Hopefully gameplay and information continues to leak from Japan, because this is a title I’m starting to look forward to playing.

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