Electronic Arts today revealed a premium version of the “Live Season” service coming to football (soccer) fans everywhere in FIFA ’10.

The service is basically an upgrade from 2009’s “Live Season,” this time around however the system has morphed into a full-on Game Mode enabling paying subscribers access to real-world updates regarding player form (lay off the pasta Rooney), injuries, suspensions, fixtures, results, and league standings.

The updates are available for a handful of leagues, all the ones you’d probably expect, so yes, the MLS isn’t on the list:

Barclay’s Premier League, La Liga BBVA, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Serie A and Mexican Primera Division.

“Every Wednesday is Live Season day where dynamic real-world data and analytics will be updated in FIFA Soccer 10 to match the weekly rhythm of real-world soccer and subscribers will have the chance to rewrite their clubs’ history” said David Rutter, producer of FIFA Soccer 10.

“My Live Season” will be available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for $5/400 MS Points for each league with a package offer of $10/800 MS Points for all leagues.

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