The October issue of Marie Claire has an intriguing cover story about the latest celebrity bffs: Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page, including one hell of a photo of the two ladies lip-locked.

The two are promoting “Whip It,” a roller derby flick.

“Gigglingly pressed thigh-to-thigh, the roller girls spend the afternoon discussing everything from their Vegas trip to the sexiness of black socks,” the article reads.

During the photo shoot:

Drew: “On the movie, we’d do our costume fittings together and just talk about how to be comfortable with your body. I’d basically chase her around and say, ‘If you don’t mind doing this scene in your underwear”"and keep those black socks on”"I’d love it.’ That’s more real: When you spend the night with girlfriends, you’re going to wake up in your undies and socks.”

Ellen: That was cut from the movie, though, wasn’t it?

Drew: It was, it was. But also in the locker room wearing those tiny little outfits. Ellen has such a beautiful body, and I personally battled with my own body image for years. I used to tell myself, You can’t wear anything sleeveless or strapless. And all of a sudden I was like, What if I just didn’t send such negative messages to my brain and said, wear it and enjoy it? And now I’m more comfortable in clothes than ever.

Ellen: That openness. It’s so sexy.

Drew: She was in her frickin’ bra with an open jacket and hot-pink shorts, skating around the rink with red lips and …

Ellen: I was having a really good time.

Drew: … and she was sexy as a mother … a feral creature. It was great.

Holy sexiness, Batman.

Then again, we guys always knew that all girls are like this with their best friends.

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  1. JimH

    Ellen and Drew are free spirits who are less inhibited emotionally than the rest of us.
    Its what makes them great actors and wonderful human beings.
    The pictures are beautiful expressions of their fun and vitality.


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