It’s no secret Blizzard’s “World of Warcraft” MMORPG is wildly addicting. With thousands of quests to complete, hundreds of mob species to slay and bosses to defeat, it’s a wonder how anyone can play in moderation.

If you’re enthusiastic about kicking your Azeroth-flavored habit, and have $14,000 to spare, an Internet Addiction rehabilitation center in Seattle, just opened up, claiming to be the first of its kind, and more than willing to help you go cold turkey.

The course, dubbed reSTART, is a 45-day intensive program where addicts are continuously forced to listen to a recording of Liam Neeson forcefully saying “Play WoW again and I’ll cut your balls off.” We kid, and if you’re really serious about quitting WoW, head on over to the reSTART website to learn more.

Or end up like this kid, your choice.

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