This week’s Nintendo Download features four new games that everyone can enjoy. The Nintendo DSi Shop has a new game called Clubhouse Games ExpresS: Family Favorites. This DS game allows you and up to seven friends play a variety of games including Hearts, Contract Brdige, Dominoes, Dots and Boxes and Ludo. This will run you 500 points. As for WiiWare, you’ve got ColorZ, which allows you to play on a spaceship in order to clean up virus-infested planets. The game play stresses mind-hand-eye coordination and can be played with up to three friends.

The real gems in the release are Konami’s Contra Rebirth and the conclusion of the Star Wars trilogy on SNES, Super Return of the Jedi. Relive the final chapter of the original sci-fi epic, which is now available for 800 Nintendo Points–thankfully, it’s less difficult than Super Empire Strikes Back, but it’s still plenty hard on its own. Contra Rebirth is an action packed side scrolling adventure, as is expected from a 2D Contra. You need to save the world and prevent an alien group from destroying the Earth’s “Contra” warriors, this time with a new sidekick. Contra Rebirth will run you 1000 points, and we’ll have a review for you soon to let you know if its as good as your nostalgia wants it to be.

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