LONDON — Hey Americans! Did you miss me?

I expect you want to know what’s been going on across the pond. Well – a lot! The question is where to start?

La Roux

Have you heard of an artist called La Roux? Well if you haven’t, google her ass right now! I went to see her at the iTunes festival in London, and as well as having a hauntingly beautiful voice, she also had a hauntingly beautiful wardrobe! Dressed in a white leather 80’s style jacket complete with padded shoulders and jewels, skinny jeans, “Ëœboyfriend’ style loafers and gravity defying red glitter hair, she was also sporting something that I think is going to catch on- face jewelery. Sounds a little scary doesn’t it? But it wasn’t. Her left cheek (on her face, get your mind out of the gutter people!) was embellished with what can only be described as an all-in-one gold glitter and sequin cut-out mask. At one point the energy of the gig caused the glue to combine with La Roux’s makeup and run in profuse rivulets down her face. She was unperturbed and the effect somehow added to the intensity of her performance. Anyway, check her out in this video, where she is channeling her inner 80’s diva.


Fashionable Bikes

The other day I was in Brick Lane ,‚ London, selling all my old clothes from a suitcase on the street, ‚ when I spotted two ridiculously stylish men dressed in flat caps, deck shoes, waistcoats and high-waisted trousers. They were “Ëœriding’ on the most amazing bikes I have ever seen. They are called Steppers and don’t have a seat or traditional peddles but rather steps which are depressed by each foot from a standing position in order to propel the bike forward. One of the handsome guys who was sporting a flat cap and tweeds was riding on a bright red bike with brown leather handles. The other chap, wearing a purple shirt and matching Nike iD’s, was riding on a green and purple bike with green leather handles. Pimp my Bike for real! Wonderful and visually arresting. If I hadn’t already bought an old-school, dutch-style bike two months ago I would have snapped one up immediately. So, if you want to get around in style, grab one of these!


Vivienne Westwood’s Manifesto

Recently on a show in the UK called ‘Friday Night with Jonathan Ross’ (David Letterman’s equivalent), Vivienne Westwood was interviewed about her latest project. It took me back to March, at Paris Fashion Week, when I was lucky enough to see her show which was influenced by the issue of climate change and environment.

Recently, Westwood wrote a lifestyle manifesto describing how she would like others to follow her lead and live their lives in the most environmentally and economically friendly way. When asked about fashion she said, “People should invest in one beautifully made quality piece of fashion and wear it until it literally drops off you.” Well, although in my book everything Viv says is pretty much biblical, walking around with holes in anything but my tights is U.F.B. (Unacceptable Fashion Behavior).

But this fashion goddess does have a point; everyone should learn to listen to their fashion conscience and buy more vintage and charity shop finds. We recycle our rubbish, why not our fashion?


Damian Collins and Avigail Clare

The coolest couple; the coolest stylists. Everything Damian and Avigail do is so cool, they could be in a 100 degree heatwave and not sweat a bean!

Power couple Damian and Avigail are designers, stylists and creatives, and own fashion brand Silver Spoon Attire, based in London and New York. Their clients include: Ciara, Master Shortie, and iD magazine. They recently opened a pop-up store in Central London, ‘143’, ‚ with creative wizard Kate Morross, selling clothing, art, music and even confectionery. The store was only open for two weeks but it looks as if it will go on a world tour. Next stop, the USA?

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