Space fans are going to be excited by Warner Bros. latest work. When the Space Shuttle Atlantis was recently up in orbit working on the Hubble Telescope, they brought along an IMAX camera to record the entire procedure of repairing the giant telescope.

The nerds in us are wicked excited for this one.

The nerds in us are wicked excited for this one.

“Hubble 3d” will be released to select IMAX theaters on March 19, 2010, with further availability on April 23 to coincide with the Original Launch of Hubble.

The IMAX camera shot film of the entire repair of the Hubble Telescope. With the shots of the intricate work in space they accomplished, the viewers of this film will feel like their standing in space next to the astronauts.

Said director Tony Myers, “We have waited a long time to get the IMAX camera back into space and finally the opportunity came with the amazing final repair mission of the Hubble Space Telescope.”

The movie will consist of the video shot of repairs and upgrades and even its first images after repairs were completed. This will allow the audience to really appreciate the significance that the Hubble Telescope has been to us over the last 20 years — it’s position above the Earth allows it to see space farther off than any telescope on the ground.

The nerds in us are wicked excited for this one.

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