Disney, still seemingly high off the fumes of last week’s monumental Marvel purchase, today bought Wideload Games with Bungie Founder Alex Seropian signing on as Vice President of creative endeavors for the studio.

Seropian’s exact role? He’ll be pegged with overseeing creative development across Disney Interactive Studios’ portfolio of video games. So, the man who founded Bungie, made “Myth,” “Marathon,” and most notably the premier Xbox launch title “Halo,” will now lead Disney Interactive projects moving forward.

“Wideload Games is among the premier small creative game development studios in the world. Wideload Games will be a great fit for our portfolio of internal studios, and Alex joining the global product development team provides the entire Disney game portfolio with a strong creative influence” said Graham Hopper, executive vice president and general manager, Disney Interactive Studios. “Alex has built his reputation around the power of original thinking. In leading the studio that created Halo, he helped turn great storytelling, exceptional design and polished gameplay into the “Ëœkiller app’ for Xbox. Alex’s leadership of our creative community will enhance our ability to be a magnet for the best talent in the industry and enable the company to take an even more significant role in developing industry leading products.”

Disney promises that Wideload’s main focus will remain centered upon creating original video game properties, though we don’t know what any of them are at this time.

What will Disney buy next?

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