(update) A new, full length trailer has surfaced, watch it here

Bungie and the Halo universe is set to expand with Halo 3: ODST later this month on September 22, but today, IGN.com revealed quite possibly the most nerdtastic live-action game trailer we’ve ever seen.

Now can we have a full-length feature film set in the Halo-world? Pretty please, with millions of guranteed dollars on top?

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  1. Chase

    Does anyone know if Neill Blomkamp was involved in this one? It has his feel to it.

  2. DavetheDude

    Dude, I was so sad when this was just a trailer for odst, this is what i’ve dreamed of the Halo movie to be like!!

  3. matt g

    AHHHHHHH cant wait oh and for those who dont know Halo fall of reach is the title of the upcomeing film and will be directed by none other than stevan speilberg


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