Square Enix today announced that their World War 2 real-time-strategy game, ORDER OF WAR, is locked and loaded, and ready to storm the front to retail later this month, on September 22.

The release of “Order” marks Squenix’s first release of a western-developed game outside of Japan and is the first of three planned projects as a result of partnerships with Gas Powered Games (Supreme Commander 2) and Double Helix (Front Mission Evolved).

“Order of War” promises massively scaled battles and unprecedented cinematic intensity and offers players the ability to command armies in historically accurate locations.

Don’t believe us? Try out the free “Road to Paris” single player demo right over here.

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  1. Gragle

    Good news, guess i’d buy cuz there’s no micromanagement, resource-gathering and base-building. The scope of action looks pretty huge… btw does it require steam activation?

  2. Victor WN

    Yes, the game will need Steam activation.
    Either when you purchase a retail box.
    You can also just download it from Steam with no retail box required


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