Close your eyes and listen to this album and you’re transported to a hot Miami nightclub. This album has Miami written all over it with Spanish lyrics on many of the tracks, the fast-paced beats and Pitbull introduced as “Mr 305” on several songs.

The fourth studio album from the rapper pumps out infectious beats that fill the listener with the urge to dance. The first two singles “Krazy” (featuring Lil Jon) and “I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)” are already popular club tracks.

Label: RCA
Genre: Electronic/Spanish
Out now

Pitbull’s success in the rap/ hip-hop genre can be attributed to how he sets himself apart from other artists in the game. His seamless weaving of Spanish into a verse or chorus adds an exotic component to a track, even if you have no idea what he is saying. “Shut it Down” the second song off the album, is a great example of Pitbull using his bilingual skills coupled with sexy beats for one of the best tracks.

Another hip-swaying song is “Triumph” which starts the album off with a bang. It’s a powerful track with a great horn section; not something one would expect to hear on a rap song but it definitely spices this one up.

For all the dance-worthy songs Pitbull delivers, a couple throwaway songs cause the album to drag a bit in the middle. “ËœGirls’ contains the insipid lyric “I love girls, girls, girls, girls, girls, girls, girls”. We get it, sir. You like women.

“Dopeball (Interlude)” also slows down the momentum of an otherwise fast-paced track listing. Full of allusions to drug dealing, the song seems out of place on the album.

The second half of “Rebelution” is saved by “Hotel Room Service” the latest single released. It’s one of his catchiest tunes and he implores his female fans to “forget about your boyfriend and meet me at the hotel room.”

Pitbull gets surprisingly sentimental with the last two tracks of “Rebelution.” “Across the World” is a tribute of sorts to all fans as the rapper marvels at his own success: “in Japan they knew all my lyrics it was amazing/ they spoke Spanish”. The album wraps up with “Daddy’s Little Girl,” a Pitbull’s grateful shout-out to his mother and “for all the women/ that have been stripped of their innocence/ but no matter what/ they kept their head up/ and this is my way of saying thank you.”

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