In celebration of the Mythic Entertainment’s ambitious and moderately successful Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning’s first birthday, a live event, the “Wild Hunt” is happening in the digital world now until September 7 yielding successive warriors some pretty neat loot.

The one year anniversary celebration includes‚  the aforesaid Wild Hunt Live Event which takes place in a brand new instanced dungeon, the Hunter’s Vale, where players will face “the ultimate quarry” as Mythic puts it.

Those who partake in the event have the chance of earning rare items including the “Hartsblood Draft”, the mystic “Bleeding Hart Charm” and the “Fleet Stag Mantle”, which incredibly, allows your player to morph into a stag, and race around the terrain with the speed of a bona fide mount.

Furthermore, a 20% buff on all experience and renown is being granted to everyone who logs in for the month of September. So…you’re waiting for what again?

More information on the Live Event, and your 10-day free trail can be found at the Warhammer Online official page

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