ba-330_double_angle_galRoland Corporation introduced on Tuesday the new BA-330 Portable Digital PA System.

The system is designed to be versatile and can run for 10 hours on eight AA batteries or forever on AC power and can entertain rooms with up to 80 people, Roland says.

The BA-330 has a four-channel configuration, with two channels dedicated for microphones or instruments, and two other channels for standard 1/4″ stereo inputs. Each channel has its own independent tone adjustment and effects switching for built-in effects, such as EQ, reverb, delay and widening. A Stereo Link function allows for a pair of BA-330s to work in tandem to provide an extra-wide stereo spread, Roland said.

The unit is built around four 6.5″ drivers and two tweeters.

Roland also says the BA-330 is the first portable PA designed with an “Intelligent Anti-Feedback function” that automatically sniffs out potential feedback and eliminates it automatically.

The BA-330 will be available in November for $829.50, so don’t count on playing with it outside a subway stop for pennies.

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