Rockstar Games, makers of all things Grand Theft Auto are at it again, this time with the second and final DLC expansion for the accolade earner and million seller GTA: IV.

“The Ballad of Gay Tony” is due out 29 days into October and promises to highlight the glitz and glamour of Liberty City by putting you in the digital shoes of one Luis Lopez as you climb the precarious and blood-stained social ladder of Liberty City.

Rockstar released the debut trailer for “Gay Tony” today and named it “You’ll Always Be The King Of This Town.” So if you want a sneak peek at the hell you’ll soon be raising, sit back, relax, crank the volume on your speakers and enjoy it!

“The Ballad of Gay Tony” releases exclusively for Xbox 360 October 29 priced at 1600MS Points/$19.99 both at retail and through the Xbox Live Marketplace.

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