After what felt like forever and a day, SNK Playmore today finally released a title update for The King of Fighter’s XII, which address the egregious online play issues PS3 gamers suffered through for weeks now and also issued a public apology for any discomfort felt during the down time.

From the mouth of the beast:

“This update fundamentally changes the way game data is processed and synchronized during online matches, placing greater importance on the game’s response time and allowing for much smoother play. It also prevents the player from experiencing slowdown during an online match when connections are less than optimal. It’s now possible for all players to enjoy a stable gameplay environment regardless of his or her specific Internet condition.”

Sorry Xbox 360 owners, looks like PlayStation gamers received preferential treatment this time around, and all SNK can promise for the Microsoft contingency is an update inbound “very soon” from the development studio.

Want SNK to get down on their knees and beg for forgiveness? That will likely never happen, but this scripted apology should hold you over for now.

“SNK PLAYMORE apologizes for any inconvenience or trouble they might have caused to its fans and will strive to improve their system of quality control for future titles. SNK PLAYMORE asks for your kind understanding and looks forward to continued support from its loyal fans.”

I’m willing to forgive and forget if you are, are you?

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  1. vice

    Glad to hear.I might actually get it now.

    After hearing all the bashing due to online,I was very reluctant.(As I have no opponents near by..)


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