Sony has a way of releasing firmware updates from time to time, and today is one of those days.

Firmware Update 3.00 (ahh so pretty) arrived today alongside a plethora of new and (somewhat) exciting accessibility and enjoyable features including a “What’s New” section, a Status Indicator, a redesigned friends list, new dynamic custom themes and avatars, and shortcuts in the XMB facilitating the purchase of additional downloadable content in the PlayStation Store.

What I like the most is the new Status Indicator. In addition to informing you of number of friends online, any unread messages, and your personalized user icon, a new scrolling ticker now displays the latest news from the PlayStation Store. And what’s more is that now when you press the centered PlayStation button on your controller, the battery juice indicator will no longer block out the clock, you know, so you can make it to class on time when you’re crushing skulls in Killzone 2.

So go fire up your PS3, whether it be the phat or the Slim, and download this sucker, as it’s reported to be the latest major revamp of the year.

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  1. ha ha ha

    its not like xbox stop cryin online is free u get wat u pay 4 and u had 2 be the first xbox fanboy

  2. miguel

    bro who cares what xbox has, ps3 is the shit it just hasnt kept up. I mean cmon MW2 coming out thats all the ps3 needs. xbox is kool but PS3 is the originality.

  3. OGN

    I Have To Agree, This Is An AMAZING Update For The PS3, Loads Of Features And A Warehouse Full Of New Content. I Also Agree, Xbox 360 “Fanboys” Are Just Simply Jealous Of The More Improving PS3! Did You Know The Majority Of Xbox 360 Fans Were Original Sony Fans That Couldn’t Afford The PS3? That’s All About To Change Since The PS3 Slim Starting Bt $299!

  4. OGN

    This Is Truly Amazing! Loads Of Features And A Whole BUNCH of Content Included In The Update, I agree with you guys, Xbox 360 “Fanboys” Are Just Jealous The PS3 Is Evolving And Getting Better And Better, And Did You Know The Majority Of Xbox 360 Owners, Were Originally Sony Fans Who Couldn’t Afford The PS3? That’s All About To Change With The PS3 Slim Starting At $299!

  5. I hate fan boys

    360 owners are pooping their pants these days during 2009. All their comments are lame attacks that don’t even bother ps3 owners like myself. I don’t own a 360 but i do have access to my friends 360.


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