This week’s Nintendo download list is small, but has some seriously awesome gems. The first two games are interesting in their own right and appeal to people who are easily amused. 3-2-1 Rattle Battle! is a party game released as WiiWare which will entertain everyone with the “rattle” of a Wii controller. If you’re really good, you can compare your score with those of people around the globe. Puzzle League Express, a game released as DSi Ware, promises hours of entertainment. You simple need to connect the blocks that have the same color to clear them from the screen and keep the stack low enough to win. With four single player modes, you’ll be able to enjoy hours of varied game play. Now…the gems.

Virtual Console will be hosting the release of SEGA Master System’s Phantasy Star! Fans of the original RPG will be able to enjoy the game again! Guide Alis through her quest to avenge her brother’s death and defeat King Lassic to free the people of Agol. Available for 500 Wii Points, this game is a MUST have. Classic in every sense of the word and worth a replay.

Now, the main attraction…Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 2 is available for 1000 Wii points. Guybrush’s adventures continue as he must continue to defend the Mer-People and dodge pirate hunters so that he can catch up to his wife and despised arch-nemesis. He must eradicate the Pox of LeChuckbefore any more harm can be done. This is what people have been waiting for since Chapter One, so go out and buy it!

That’s all for this week’s Nintendo Download. For more details, check out the press release after the jump.

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