Football is incredibly popular in the United States, so popular that a little series Electronic Arts calls “NCAA Football” is a yearly million-copy seller. But this year, with the addition of an alluring “Season Showdown” mode, EA gives football fans another great reason to take the scrum to the digital 100 yard field.

Pre-season in NCAA Football ’10 has come and gone, and the chase for the championship has begun officially today.

Credits for your team can be earned in five different ways beginning today branching out from slumping on your couch playing the game to logging onto Facebook to play Flash games and even answer trivia questions.

For a comprehensive breakdown of Season Showdown and what it takes to get your school to the top, head on over to the official page.

You all played the hell out of the gamer during the Pre-Season, and from your stats, the following top-10 list came about. Seems solid to me.

1) Ohio State (more than 100 million credits earned during the pre-season)

2) Florida

3) Texas

4) Michigan

5) Miami

6) Florida State

7) USC

8) LSU

9) Alabama

10) Notre Dame

You’re team not on the list? Get ’em there!

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