And then there were five. Russell has become the third member of the Big Brother 11 jury.

But he didn’t leave without causing one last confrontation.

During the nomination ceremony Jeff put up Natalie and Kevin for eviction. However he promised his former enemies safety and vowed to back door Russell. During the veto competition it came down to a nail biter between Michelle and Jeff. Jeff ended up taking his second competition in a row, winning the power of veto. He made another bold mood in the game by using his power to save Kevin. He named his former clique-mate Russell as a replacement nominee.

As expected, the mixed martial arts fighter didn’t leave quietly. Trying to upset Jeff and show his true colors to the other houseguests, he verbally attacked Jordan. But his last ditch effort to stay in the house was not enough. The remaining houseguests had had enough of his explosive temper and voted him out 3-0.

The head of household power was once again up for grabs. Jordan, Kevin, Natalie, and Michelle began the competition Thursday night that was a race against time to fill a giant bowl with water. The first houseguest to fill their bowl wins. America will find out on Sunday who has won. They will also find out what another mystery twist to the game has to do with this weeks HOH power. Host, Julie Chen says it could effect all of the houseguests this week. Watch Sunday night at 8 p.m. to find out.

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