Via Kotaku’s Brian Ashcraft, it looks like Nintendo is going to publish a shoot-em-up (or shmup, if you’re into that) to DsiWare over in Japan. Aa Mujyou Setsuna is the title, and it looks like Arika, a company made up of former Capcom employees–including one of the creators of Street Fighter II–who you may know as the‚  developers of Endless Ocean on the Wii has their hand in it as well.

I think Solar Striker is the lone shoot-em-up Nintendo has ever developed back on the Game Boy in 1990. I could be wrong about this, but [checks Wikipedia] no, looks like it’s the only scrolling shoot-em-up developed by Nintendo. Check out the video below to see what you think; I’m hoping this comes over to North America, but I’m also a shmup addict (especially for $5).

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